Portrait Sessions

Thanks for inquiring about my portrait sessions. I take it you have seen my images & you contacting me is a great compliment. Before I get to know you, here is a bit about me:


For a big chunk of my life I worked + backpacked around the world and it led me to my camera. I loved taking photos of colourful landscapes and beaches but most of all the people I saw in far away lands. I wanted to capture everything I saw and when my photos were not representing my experiences I pursued an education in photography. I refined and perfected my skill. Then I moved back to Australia as my 2 sons were born & I naturally pointed the camera at them. Soon my friends wanted me to take pictures of their kids, then came family & friends weddings. My evolution from enthusiastic amateur to professional has been totally organic…..I never set out to make it my job, but all those years with a camera in my hand have given me an eye for capturing real moments & so, portrait photography has found me.

I’m dedicated, friendly, adaptable, experienced and willing to go the extra mile. I have pro cameras and lenses and more importantly know how to use them to get amazing photos. I prefer to use natural light & I like to capture people acting naturally. I live in Northern NSW, Australia. My work is mainly local but I do travel for clients – Special preferences given to tropical climates with waves or Japanese snow resorts.

Lets face it, most of us aren’t models & having a camera in your face is a bit daunting. My aim is for everyone who I take photos of to have a relaxed experience. For children to remember the time they had fun getting their photo taken & for parent’s to wonder why they hadn’t done in earlier.

My style is very natural and the best way to capture people naturally is not posing them too much.

So, How much??

I have two packages for portrait sessions

“Closest to you” –   $250 – for your immediate family (up to 5 people) & your pets if you like too

  • Approx 30mins session at a location of your choice for a family of 2 adults + kids.
  • USB of edited, ready to print, high res images (the amount of images depends on how the session goes, usually 40+)

“The whole crew” –  $400 – for your extended family, uncles, cousins, grandparents bring them all

  • Up to 1 hour session at a location of your choice.
  • USB of edited, ready to print, high res images (the amount of images depends on how the session goes, usually 80+)

So, you want to commit to getting those shots of your family unit and capture the varying stages of your children’s life? Next step is…..

Photo shoot logistics

If you have a location in mind, perfect!! If you don’t, I ask where are you most comfortable – Beach or the bush? Once we have decided I’ll go to check the site for good angles and where the light will be. This way, once you arrive on the day we get straight into it. I like to work quickly, especially with children.

The most flattering time of the day for photography is an hour before sunset, you get a lovely warm light at this time of the day. We’ll meet about 1 hr before sunset to be ready for the glow.

What to wear? Keep it simple!! Clothing choices can really hinder or help you when it comes to photography. Light natural colours work best.

So, choose three colours (like brown, white and blue) and mix and match! For example, have female member wear a cute white dress with a denim jacket, a male wear blue pants and a brown shirt, another wear white jeans and a blue shirt etc. Things to avoid are t-shirts with big logos on them and also loud/busy prints, both of these can be very distracting. Avoid the “Everyone in denim + white top” ….let’s leave that look in the 2000’s! If you have ideas about a theme, props or location based on your hobbies or character, even better!

Finally, Have fun! Be cheeky, pinch your family’s bottom just as the camera is about to go off. Be subtle about it though! It’ll make them naturally smile. Especially your partner. Trust me.