Let me tell you about the epic day Sandra and Daniel tied the knot at Pioneer Country, Tweed Heads. A seamless blend of rustic charm and natural beauty.

Picture this: a tiny chapel straight out of a storybook, the air was filled with nervous excitement and love that you could clearly see – did I mention it was their 11 year anniversary? Sandra, looking like a total queen in her gown, strutted down the aisle as Daniel stood there trying to hold it together – and let’s be real, we all know he was about two seconds away from happy tears. After they said their “I dos,” their guests moved outside to make an aisle for them to walk back down as they showered them in confetti. Hugs of congratulations and family photos followed before everyone moved to the verandah to get the party started. While the newlyweds were mingling with their family & friends the sun started its slow descent, painting the whole sky in a show-stopping palette of pinks, oranges, and purples. It was like the universe itself was putting on a show for the newlyweds. And you better believe everyone had their phones out, trying to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy shot. This was my cue to steal them away for some romantic shots. 

One of the big advantages of a wedding at Pioneer Country is that there are multiple photo locations a short buggy ride up the hill. This means we can get some sweet shots and back to the party with minimum fuss. So that’s what we did!!

Once we got the shots it was time for the party to shift to the barn for the reception. Think fairy lights, think rustic charm cranked up to eleven, and think all your loved ones gathered around to celebrate. The barn was all decked out – flowers, check; cozy vibes, check; dance floor, double-check. Laughs were shared, embarrassing stories were told, and love was all around. The whole day was like a rollercoaster of emotions, from the chapel to the sunset to the barn dance floor – and honestly, it couldn’t have been more perfect for the two people in love. Congrats

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Celebrant: Jade saddler – Love me do celebrancy
Hair & MUA: Bella Rae bridal
Wedding planer/Stylist: Sarah from Pioneer Country
Musician/DJ: Luke Yeaman

Dress: Luv bridal
Shoes: Petal & Pup