Kate and Anthony's wedding in the Byron hills was an absolute blast!

These two wonderful souls, as Kate hilariously mentioned, make quite the team – with Ant being a muso and Kate, well, a self-proclaimed “pain in the ass” (in the most endearing way, of course). Embracing their uniqueness, they opted for an intimate affair with just 30 loved ones on a picturesque private property, The Hacienda, where they combined everything in one spot – genius! Their theme? disco balls having a wild, tipsy love affair, all decked out in fabulous pink. Rain might’ve tried to crash the party, but it only added to the charm as everyone partied through the showers, and I’m pretty sure the celebration danced on well into the starry night. Kate and Anthony truly rewrote the wedding rule book and created a day as exceptional and vibrant as their love story! 💃🍕🎉🌧️

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